The date of the wedding was fixed at the beginning of the year. That is first January, 2021. This day will open a new chapter for the world. At the same time, the second chapter of Emazuddin Chowdhury’s life will open.

First chapter was with his father, mother, an elder brother and a younger sister. One more will joining him in the second chapter.

This day of ‘joining’ as a life partner is special for everyone. The same is true for Emazuddin Chowdhury. His father Elanuddin Chowdhury is also waiting for such a day.

Emazuddin is a non government employee. His father is a businessman. Emaz’s position is in the middle between two brothers and one sister. Elder brother lives in London. And the younger sister with them.

They have to do the wedding ceremony without the elder brother, Emazuddin told this reporter.

But why it?

‘He is unable to come from London due to the outbreak of the new corona virus there. We hoped he could come. And that’s why we fixed a long date for marriage ceremony.’He said.

His father said, ‘I can’t proper enjoy the ceremony without the presence of my eldest son and his wife. But now there is nothing to do. Everything has been arranged.’

How is he arranging the ceremony?

This report focuses on that.

Elanuddin Chowdhury’s own house at South Banasree in Dhaka, the capital City of Bangladesh. House cleaning has already started a month before the wedding. He cleaned the rooftop. The groom will go to bring the bride on the first of January. The wedding reception will be held at a community center in Dhaka. And Yellow celebration arranged on the rooftop of his house.

On December 30, 2020, preparations for the yellow celebration have started since morning. Lovely arch was seen in front of the house. The whole house is decorated with twinkling lights. pandal surrounded by colorful cloths on the rooftop. An event management company has taken all the responsibility. And the groom’s father himself is supervising the matters.

On the ground floor of the house, in the place of the garage, cooking has been arranged. The chefs are busy. The house is full in the presence of relatives and well-wishers. Children and adults are up roaring together.

The whole house is being prepare to party with the evening approaching.

The twinkle lamps lit up at once. The sound system is loud on the rooftop. The DJ party will be start as soon as night falls.

No, the old tradition of yellow celebration is not like that now. The old tradition is disappearing not only from the city but also from the village.

There is no simple arrangement like singing a traditional wedding song around the bride or groom with yellow playing now.

No, that’s not right. However, many people think that it does not have pomp.

wedding-glitter-party in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The song began to flutter as the fringe of the twinkle lamps flickered. Photo : Travelife

Where a chapter of life begins, many people do not want it to be pomp-less.

Elanuddin Chowdhury also does not want his son’s marriage to be simple.

As night fell, so did the wedding festivities. The song began to flutter as the fringe of the twinkle lamps flickered.

Hindi language songs With mixed in English. There is also Bengali.

The night is getting dark. And the heat of the pandal is increasing. The groom’s Family, relatives and well-wishers want to float in this day with bright joy. Sound system on one side of the pandal. There is a system of throwing light. Party is shimmering in the glittering light. The song is playing with trembling in the chest. And the audience is making rhythm like the waves of the sea. There the groom Emazuddin Chowdhury and his father Elanuddin Chowdhury merged together.

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