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Honestly, I have no faith in ghosts. But I watch ghost movies every day, listen to and read ghost stories.

I was listening to ghost stories this afternoon, in audio. I got a link to hear that Ghost events in the life of Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. My favorite novelist on such a great writer, he too has survived falling prey to ghosts! After knowing the matter, my mind was tickling since then.

I remembered a ghastly incident in our house. I was not born then. My elder brother Rezwan Khandaker was reading a book alone at his desk. Probably in the evening. In the meantime, the current goes away. As soon as the house became dark, someone slapped him on the cheek.

Immediately the current came again. The brother looked around and saw that there was no one in the house. His cheek was hurting.

When he showed it to my mother, She saw that five fingerprints had turned red on his cheek. But there was no one in the whole house then.

My brother saw some unusual scenes once or twice more. Once he woke up in the middle of the night due to the call of nature. Bathroom across the yard from the house. As he was walking, he saw behind the house, on the branches of the Streblus asper tree of the next house, Something white is tearing leaves and eating.

I grew up hearing these things at home. In the life of my brother, however, there was no excessive occurrence of ghosts.

I remember an incident at a girl’s school. I was probably in class four then, still not enrolled in girls’ school. Girls of different ages used to go there in the afternoon after school holidays. I would go too.

Some played until evening. Just before the call to prayer, everyone left the field and returned to their homes. I didn’t have a chance to play that long. That’s why I had to sit in the habit of singing.

So one day there was a lot of pressure to urinate while playing. I left the game and headed for the northwest side of the school. At that time another girl followed me. I still remember her words. But don’t remember her name. As she was leaving, she said, “You know, I’m not feeling well either. I said very wisely, “Mom says you never have to keep it.”

She said, “I know. My mom is also saying. But there is fear alone. There are ghosts in this school.” I don’t think I listened to him then. The two of us helped to fill the vessel by pressing the Tube well. I completed the work and went to the field again. Anyway, that day we all saw the black clouds in the sky and returned home early.

Then one day or two, the whole week goes by, I didn’t find that girl on the playground anymore. If she went somewhere, I would have known. If we all went to Grandpa’s house, Aunt’s house, we would inform everyone in the field the day before. But that girl did not tell anyone. A few of us waited for another week. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore and started questioning people. We decided to stop playing today because someone knew her house. Let’s find that girl.

The girl’s house was far away. We were thinking as we go, this girl comes to the field from so far just to play with us! I entered her house. Pucca house and a beautiful yard. When we asked her mother about her whereabouts, she said, “She will not go to the field again.” Hearing that, my black face became darker. I did not want to know why. At that age, we did not have the courage to counter-question anyone’s mother. Anyway, Her toothless grandmother said, “Do you know with whom she urinated while playing on the field that day”?

My heart heaved. Did I commit any crime? I started thinking about all this. The heart became dry and like wood. I mumbled, “Why”? Maybe she didn’t hear me. One of us pointed at me and said, “She went with her.” I didn’t know what the matter was, but I went to find out where I had committed the crime. The grandmother said, “You too have survived. But my granddaughter has not left.”

I still did not understand the greatness of the incident. Taking away her grandmother’s words, the girl’s mother said, “How much holy water, amulets have been embellished, Still not leaving my daughter” This time the eyes of all of us present rose to our foreheads.

Hearing the words holy water, amulets we guessed a little. I found out the rest of their words, I could not catch the ghost because I urinated in the toilet. And she was caught because she had urinated in the open space next to the toilet or behind the bathroom. These words have been told to the exorciser by a ghost. After getting a glimpse of ghosts one of my friends did not want to stay more. Became restless to leave home. In the meanwhile, loud screams and growls started coming from the next room. By the time my spine was all frozen. The foot does not want to move.

The brain of that age, and the liver inside that chest – I could not understand how to handle it. But the urge to clarify the matter was coming from somewhere in my mind, maybe that was the activity of my immature logical brain. Meanwhile, the ice stage, but the chest or the brain for the investigation of the tension somewhere.

I didn’t even know that the girl had urinated in the open for so long! Who told the ghost! The ghost can also lie. Because I entered the toilet and noticed that the door of the next toilet was also locked. I heard the sound of the door opening as she was leaving. I have a clear memory. Did the ghost go to catch one and catch the other? Who knows when I was overwhelmed by these strange thoughts! The ice was still shining on the bones. I said, “She had locked the door. she went into the toilet and urinated.”

Again the girl’s screaming like of breaking the tin roof. I couldn’t stay. I started running towards her room. Almost everyone in the room seemed to pull me together. I said, “Let her see.” After many words, she opened a window and showed it. How horrible her eyes and face are. she is lying on the bed in chains. The first time I saw such a scene, it never seem to have been seen in the movie. She looked at the window with an angry look. Then, seeing me, her eyesight suddenly changed. Called my name a few times. I think the friend was in a lot of trouble, happy to see me calling. I said, “They are not letting me go.” Then her bed-breaking sound began. I have never seen such a scene before. Her mother said, “Get out of here now. She’s not in it. You don’t understand why? She’s not talking to you, the ghost is talking.”

I have a lot of love for her. But my friends didn’t want to be there anymore. They seemed to be more afraid than I was. I had to leave. But my brain is still not clear, then who was in the next toilet? I over knew that girl was gone.

This happened a few days later. I can’t say how many days or months, I don’t remember. Once a girl named Dulali came to our house as a housemaid. Her father is very poor. No mother. The girl is so agile that it is still her responsibility to forget her words. I might be a little older or a little younger. But I was nothing compared to her quality then. What my mother used to say once, she never had to say it a second time. We all loved her very much. She was crazy for my mother and father. And all the time my ‘Chuto bhaiya, Chuto bhaiya’ was sticking to her face. I also liked her very much. After the evening we all taught her to read and write. But she did not like it at all. She used to beg to watch TV without reading. Anyway, for several months, Dulali seemed to win everyone’s heart. A few months later, her father came to pick her up for a few days. She went dancing holding her father’s hand that day. She came back a few days later. But the one who came back is not our Dulali, this is another Dulali!

We found out from her father that she got wind of the river on the day she left. That means the river is possessed by ghosts. Her pale eyes with big petals have turned pale.

Couldn’t recognize any of us. Didn’t say anything to anyone. The key seems to be muttering and muttering endlessly. As soon as I grabbed her hand, she jumped up and leaned against the big tree in the yard. Even mom could not touch her. And I started crying. My mother told her father, “Take her to the doctor now.” We noticed that Dulali just wanted to be with her father, and listen to him.

In this situation, my mother gave some money to the man and said in a serious tone, “Treatment is needed first. She doesn’t want to come to me. Take him away. Let me know what happens.” We never found that person or Dulali again, even to this day.

Anyway, I was talking about the famous writer Shirshendu. He has been a fan of Shri Anukul Tagore from the age of thirty, he was a victim of various complex situations of life and was remembered to Sri Anukul Tagore in the atmosphere of the incident. At one point he went to Pune, where he was the victim of a ghostly incident in an ancient resthouse or hotel.

Then he told all the other events in his own mouth through various means. You will find these on YouTube, so I will not say. The reason why this ghostly post is being posted today is that, according to the author Shirshendu, anyone who hears about these events in the mouths of others starts giving scientific explanations, which is not correct. Because only those with whom it happens to know how horrible or unnatural things can be. “How do you know what happened to me? You weren’t with me at the scene, you don’t know what the feeling is like at the time of the incident. Why do you have to give a scientific explanation? Do I have a less scientific explanation?”

That’s right, I told my elder brother a few days ago that I don’t believe it, it looked like a bat or an Indian pipistrelle flew over your cheek at that time. My brother then said, is there no difference between the scratch of a bat and the slap of five fingers of the hand?

Yes, at that moment what my brother realized was available in the hole of his senses. Even if we give a lot of arguments as bates or Indian pipistrelle, but we can’t get into that realization at all. So, don’t laugh at anyone who has seen or felt a ghost, don’t go on misinterpreting it in the name of scientific explanation, and don’t underestimate it. Because when these things happen to someone, in most cases those people become lonely and helpless due to the oppression of adjectives like crazy, mental imbalance, etc. We need to listen to him and let him know that we believe him. As if he feels emotional relief. In these cases, take the advice of the doctor secretly. But show him and talk to the paranormal experts – so that he understands that you have come to the paranormal expert to drive out the ghosts because you believe in the ghosts you see. At this time, the main duty is to be by his side mentally. Otherwise, any mishap could happen from time to time.


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