Gaylord Hotel is buzzing with the noise of Bangladeshis centering on the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America FOBANA Convention. The Potomac River in Maryland seems to be mumbling in Bengali.

The sky over Maryland is cloudy. There is also a drizzle. But nowhere is there any sign of upset.

Black Friday is going on all over America. This day is special for shopping. Extensive discounts are offered everywhere. There is no set time for opening and closing shops.

In America, Black Friday means a lot of people in the shopping malls. Bangladeshis living in America are also waiting for this day.

But this time the FOBANA Convention is sitting on the day of Black Friday. That is why the invited Bangladeshis do not mind shopping or Black Friday. The festival of roots is waiting in FOBANA.

Imran and Sumon are two associates of FOBANA from Los Angeles and Texas. Explaining the matter, they said, ‘Expatriate Bangladeshis have been waiting for years for a successful FOBANA. It is organized so that Bengali culture can always be remembered from within the American culture.’

While talking to them, I met Zakaria Chowdhury, the chairman of this year’s event of FOBANA. He said, “FOBANA is marking the 35th anniversary of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence. Freedom Fighter Affairs Minister Mozammel Haque is the chief guest at our event has arrived. Besides, other guests invited from Bangladesh are also on the flight. ‘

All in all, he hopes that this year’s FOBANA will exceed expectations.

Gaylord Hotel is buzzing with the noise of FOBANA Convention. Photo : Alamgir Kabir
Gaylord Hotel is buzzing with the noise of the FOBANA Convention. Photo: Alamgir Kabir

Zakaria Chowdhury was talking in the lobby of Gaylord Hotel. The whole hotel looks different on the occasion of FOBANA. Several members are stationed here to receive the invited guests. They come from different states.

One of them trying to find a room allotted for him in this hotel. Another member came forward with his help.

Later dinner was sought. Meals are served at the Gaylord Hotel. However, the greed to see America at night could not be controlled. So the others in the group were offered to eat somewhere outside. Everyone immediately took the loop.

It’s still raining outside. Google Maps reports McDonald’s nearby. It takes five minutes by car.

Five minutes later, McDonald’s doors were found locked.

Google Maps again. What was found in the next search is also closed? Finally, after fifteen minutes of driving, food was found at the ‘Kabab Palace’.

The owner of this palace is an Afghan. However, black and white eaters of all colors were seen here.

This restaurant has rice. There is even a Bengali server. His home named Arman is Chittagong. Has been in America for ten years. Everyone in the family lives with him.

He said, – Some time ago, Bangladesh’s Minister of Freedom Fighters. Mozammel Haque has eaten from here.

Arman said, “Today is the joy of Black Friday in the United States. It is also a joy for our Bangladeshis. ‘

He said, “The manager was surprised to see so many Bangladeshis coming to our restaurant today. He wants to know what happened. I jokingly said today is Black Friday for Bangladesh too. ‘

There, Arman seemed more familiar than the acquaintances. After eating, he proceeded to the gate. The success of this conference in a distant land is probably here. The Bengalis gathered together, Said in Bengali, and Smelled the soil of Bangladesh.

While this report is being prepared, the formalities of the FOBANA Convention have not yet begun. The convention is scheduled to begin on Friday, November 26. But as in Bangladesh, it will roll on Saturday.

And only a few hours. After that, Potomac River will start speaking in Bengali. And Gaylord will be in Bangladesh.


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