Primitive fire in the forest

How to make a campfire


When you camp, you need a campfire.

Warming up when a fire burns somewhere near the tent. Or you may need to snack on a campfire.

The video in this report shows someone setting up a campfire.

He came to the forest With the tent.

He did not come to the forest as others do. He came across a sad pond.
What is that sorrow?

campfire and making food in lengura forest
Sad tourist is making food and eating in the forest. Casting: Shah Shanto. Photo: Anand Sarker, Travelife

There is no end to human suffering. He himself knows the sadness of this traveler seen in the video. Again there are some people, they find joy in loneliness. Loneliness is their source of joy.

Whatever the reason, those who go to the forest alone, how will they campfire? And you can take a look at how to make the food shiny.

This video is directed by Mashiur Rahman Kayes. Shah Shanto has acted in it. footage courtesy of Anand Sarkar.

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