I was on stage before. Later I came in front of the camera. It will be eleven years together on stage and off stage, with acting.

Acting is a work that brings up the story. The story is played by the actor.
Is the story always just a story?

No, sometimes it comes from imagination, sometimes from the real. Sometimes imagination also comes from the effect of reality.

Either way, the actor has to act to present the story. The story he presents is not his own.
The actor has to get into the character like a story and act like a realist.
But what if a script is created centering on the actor?

That actor is put in a frame and released as his own?

And two conditions are given-
The first condition, no acting should be done here. The real thing has to be brought up on the camera. You have to give up on yourself.

The second condition is that you can’t go beyond the script.

The two conditions are retrograde. It is not possible to do one and another together.
But this is what I have been able to do. I have been able to accept both conditions at the same time.

Director Mashiur Rahman Kayes forced me to do it. And the Travelife team forced me.
The Travelife team is basically like magic.

When I joined this team, I no longer had control over myself. Arguably, none of the team could control themselves. Everyone is a different person. But when everyone is a team, their personality has become one and a high image like a hill has been created.

Based on this, the Travelife team has conquered the hills. We finished filming our first season with Travelife. We have worked in the Netrokona district, in the border area of ​​Lengura.

My work there was different. Everything is travel-oriented. Again, all of them have different applications.

The Travelife team has worked with local Garos and brought up their folklore.
On the whole team, I was an actor. Again I was a production boy.

Maybe you can guess the magic secret of the travelife team this time.
Stay tuned. After a few days, all the secrets are being revealed.

You will see the camera work of cinematographer Anand Sarker and Travelife’s secret beauty.

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