Millions of Money from the mosque's mysterious Ark


The ark is opened every three months. A few crores of money are available after every three months, with gold-grains. Taka 5 crores 78 lakh 9 thousand and 325 With huge gems were last collected from here, Like a fairy tale, so many jewels are accumulated from the donations of people.

The ark belongs to Pagla Mosque in Kishoreganj. Pagla means mad as spiritual person.

There is a story like a fairy tale behind this mosque. Once Narsunda river in Kishoreganj was flowing. Legend has it, suddenly this mosque was seen rising from the water of the river. Locals believe that a madman is behind it. He was known by the name `Jil Kodor Pagla’. Since then, many people have started taking vows here. There is a belief among the devotees that if you want something by donating to the Pagla mosque, you don’t have to deviate. People from different parts of the country come to Pagla Mosque with this belief. Not only Muslims, but many who believe in Hinduism are also seen donating to Pagla Mosque.

When the donation box is opened, two hundred people have to sit on the manure to count the money. Sacks of money were poured in front of them one by one. The decoration of the mosque has been increased step by step with donations.

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