Mahmuda Rahman

The comfortable rooms and soft beds in the Hotel West inn (Los Angeles) did not keep us awake all morning.

The Pacific Ocean is shaking our hands even before the birds call out. Santa Monica Beach. From the soundproof room of the hotel, I can hear the timeless roar of the undulating water of the great age.

In the meantime, we all got out of bed and took a bath and breakfast. Now is the time to wait. Our guide will arrive shortly. He is our own people, relatives of our daughter-in-law who live in this city. He will take us in his car to explore everything. Within a short time, he responded. We roamed the hotel lobby and got into his car.

We went straight to Santa Monica Beach. A beautiful beach on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The children were overwhelmed with emotion.
The extraordinary feeling covered us too.

Frisking, obsession, Fascination, and cheering are faded to something. All of our eyes were fixed on one side of the sea. There is a flock of bright white birds. Their bright lips are shining. The shape of the lips is a bit like that of a pheasant. Also Sharp.

Rows of birds seem like a group of fairies wearing white saris running on the seawater. They are engrossed in a wonderful game like themselves. Some in the sky. They are flying with two huge wings. It’s like flying and running By air. Their intoxication to running far away.

A wonderful scene was seen following the eyes of the children. They are dancing on the water to the beat of the waves. All the people who came to visit looked at them.

I am fascinated by watching their dance. The mind is moving in the swing of the dance in the sea waves. In the realm of distant legends.

The mind has gone back many and many ages. There were no modern tools in that era. There were no sharp weapons. But there were wonderful adventures. There were ships like fairy tales towed by manual labor. There was an intoxication of discovering unknown undefined seas. Sailors were curious to know what was hidden in the ice-covered polar region.

Ice is a major obstacle to sea travel. The seawater is covered with hard ice. Fairy ship stopped on Icebergs. Can’t move on anymore.

A surprise awaits them. A group of birds is flying from nowhere. Their destination is the pole. Ice mountains have created obstacles in front of them.

But they did not stand still like a fairy ship. They jumped on the piled ice. Their weapons are sharp lips and claws. So the birds began to cut the ice. And making their own way by cutting and melting the ice. They made their way to their destination. The way of movement was left behind for everyone. Then the ships began to sail along that path.

These birds became the birds of good fortune for the sailors. This bird is the albatross, Guide to sailors on the waterway.

I stood on the beach and greeted the sailor birds in my mind.
We see our dream ship `Albatross Shipping’ moving forward in the waves of the sea.

When we first started the shipping business, we named the company by the name of Albatross bird, the lucky bird of the sailors. so that it would also bring good luck to our business. Albatross has truly been a blessing to us. From the beginning till now we have been doing business with success keeping the reputation intact.

After staying there for some time, standing on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, taking a deep breath, my mind was filled with peace.


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