All are green with lot of water

Udo Krause and Sabine Schleusner

Udo Krause and Sabine Schleusner in Bangladesh. Photo : From Their personal stock

Udo Krause
Sabine Schleusner

36 and 42 years old
Udo Krause is an Insurance Manager
Sabine Schleusner is a journalist

Bangladesh Review

They traveled in Bangladesh
Dhaka, Khulna (included Bagerhat, some small villages and Sundarbans) and Cox’s Bazar.

In Dhaka we’ve visited the most important sightseeing places, like Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Dhakeshwari Temple, saw a Cricket game and meetup with Couch surfers. We visited too the University and Martyr’s memorial. Spend a lot of times in rickshaws and was on some local markets.

For us the most adventurous moment in whole Bangladesh was the traffic, traffic-jam and dangerous situations on streets. In Germany the streets are less full of traffic and you have rules on streets. We think, here in Bangladesh rules exist too, but nobody interests in this and everybody want be the first one. But everyday for us was an adventure, cause for us all was exotic and full of beautiful culture.

Most fantastic from our point of view was the people. They were so curious because of us and marveled at us. A lot of wanted to have selfies and pictures together with us. We felt in many situations like small stars.

Watching a Cricket game and waiting at the Airport for flight back home and to Cox’s Bazar. Because every flight has a delay.

People and nature
The nature is more than impressing; all are green with lot of water. Doesn’t matter where you are, nature is surrounding you; of course not even all places at Dhaka.

Bangladeshi people are very warm and helpfully. Never had we felt alone or in fear. A lot of people helped us during our stay in Bangladesh. We were impressed about the kindness and handsome of inhabitants Bangladesh.

In whole Bangladesh we saw a lot of contrasts and differences. When you leave big cities, you are in deep, green and beautiful nature. All what we know from TV or pictures, we saw in real life, like coconut-palms, banana trees and rice fields.


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