I met a handsome boy on the Chinese subway in Nanchang city under Jiangxi province. He looked like a foreigner. I became curious about him and ask, “May you add my Facebook?”
He agreed.

Later we got off at the same station. I followed him come to Wanda Mall. He seemed nice and friendly. Then I treated him to drink as some juice.
He wanted to go McDonald’s.

Then we go. On the road he said, “I have no rmb (China money)!”

I said, “it’s okay, I treat you.”

There was a lot of talk at McDonald’s. He told me he had a girlfriend. She was at Dhaka. They were together for 8 years. Now he trying to forget her. For this reason he left his country and went to Malaysia travel. But when he back Dhaka, The familiar streets and restaurants floated on his eyes. The memory of his girlfriend is involved with all of this. He began to feel sad and cry.

So he decided to come China.

He kept blabbering on, Always talking with me. Then we around the Wanda mall three circle. He also wanna add my wechat (all of Chinese have wechat, that’s a chat app).
Later we went to his home on a motorcycle. We stood on the street and said, “bye bye.”

Another day, I go to another city for travel, When He backed Bangladesh in 7th December. During this time we kept in touch with Wechat and take video every day. I remember we talked for 4 hours in a video call. We have many topics. My English is not good. Yet he could understand.

We continued to talk about some of the interesting things of everyday travel. He care about me that solo traveling be safe. That time I travel to Malaysia. And at 22th December morning, I wanted to surprise him. And asked to guess what the surprise might be.

He said, “you bought a flight ticket come to Dhaka!”

Alright! Bingo! We take a phone video call. look at each other and stupid laugh.

Three days before coming to Dhaka, We had a misunderstanding. He wanted to use me to hunt his girlfriend.

Tieying LI

I wanted to know if he just wanna to use me?
We became angry in these type of conversations.
Then He sent messages, But I didn’t reply.
We didn’t communicate for three days Till 31th December.
But I published a post to friends circle that I will come to Dhaka. That exactly what I wanted.

When I reached Dhaka airport, Visa police wanted to see my return ticket and hotel booking information.
I have come to stay at his home. So have no hotel booking.

In this situation I need to be contact him. But we didn’t chat for three days!

I fell into indecision. Where I will stay? Where I will be go?
Police asked me question after another and take me to office. Then I scare. They wouldn’t let me out.

I message him helplessly. But no reply. He may be sleeping in the morning.

At last I booked a hotel nearby airport. I got his reply later and reported the location of his home. About 7am morning he voice call me. And told, He will come to my hotel. Pick me up back his home. I waiting for him long time. But he’s not coming. More later he said he was still stuck on the road.

When I reach his home found his Mather so friendly. She gave me cooked breakfast, gave a cup of BD style tea. Later she let me rest.

Around five in the afternoon, he left to take me to his friend’s house outside Dhaka. That’s place is They’re secret garden.

There was a traffic jam on the way. I sat in the car. He and his friend go outside for smoke. He also asked me to come out and look the view. I thought, Where have a beautiful view!only so many smoggy as china smog!

When They back car, I let his friend’s sit as Co-driver. I worried others local people look at as am I foreigner?
He always thought care about me,so come to his country I also care about his country Customs!

Back home I had dinner with him.

I ask him, “why your father not eat dinner with us together?”

He informed me that his father feeling shy.

That day, only we had dinner. His Mom stood beside and served. She was serving rice and curry just like my Mom.
After dinner I returned to the room. Actually that was his room. But he left it for me and chose the drawing room to sleep on.

He told me he wanted to forget his past girlfriend if I wanted to. Hearing that, my heart was touched. But there was no time to talk about these things. I was tired. There has been a lot of disturbance at the airport. Need a silent sleep.

2th January wake up, His mom made breakfast. He didn’t wake up till. He said, his mother never bother him when he asleep. I took breakfast. Later his mother brought me Bangladeshi style dresses. I stayed at their house for seven days and always wore these two dresses. His mom was feeling happy. But I didn’t know why!

I washed that two dresses When I leave Dhaka and not take with me.

Anyway, one night we finished dinner and I was preparing to sleep. He helped me to set mosquito net. I never seen so many mosquito like here. May be Mosquitoes bully me. Most likely they kissing me because I’m a foreigner. Mosquito bites made my body itch.

I went inside the mosquito net. He sat on the floor. And talk with me.

I noticed that he was also itching to be bitten by mosquito. I was worried about that and told him to come and sit under the mosquito net.

We sit inside together with a big eyes looking and small eyes talking. We talk with many things. Long and long time we were talking.

Tieying LI at Bangkok in Thailand. Photo : Her Facebook timeline

Then I decided to sleep. feeling so sleepy and lying down on the bed. It is normal in China to lie down in front of anyone. But he said that what I was doing was not good for them.
He lock the door. And again come under mosquito net. lying my side. I put a pillow on middle.
Then no one said anything. Both are silent.
He ask me, “Can I hold your hand?”
I agree. But feeling tension.
His hand remained in mine for a few minutes. Hand sweating.

He again ask me, “can I kiss you?”
… then we together (Look at like Yellow fiction).
He don’t want go his drawing room. And left me at 3 am in the morning. Because his father will be wake up at 3:20 am for pray.

At Morning he came to my room and said ‘Good morning’.
I was feeling shy. Cover the face with a quilt. he come under mosquito net. Tell me “don’t be shy!” And wanna give me a morning kiss.

I said, “I am not wash face and teeth.”

Then came to wash. He take off mosquitoes net. When I make up finished, he asked me come to take breakfast.
His mom really a good mom, everyday cook different food for me. Friendly and always let me eat more! When his mom not stand my beside, he will use his hand give me take food to my mouth,

The story will end to the next post

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