Last night, There was an exchange of views with journalists at the Daily Farz office. After exchanging dinner also arranged. Daily Farz is an Urdu newspaper, Printed in eight pages. But the internet edition is 12 pages. Editor Mukhtar Naqvi is a very gentle man. That man is trying his best to honor us. But the arrangement of the sitting room is totally incompatible in comparison his cordiality. It was inconceivable to think of an air conditioning system where there was no ceiling fan. Such a situation in our country minimum a stand fan would arrange even if rented. They didn’t arrange that. As a result, the situation became chaotic. One of our team members, wearing a coat and tie, vented his anger with his sweat. He told the organizers several times that the Bangladeshi Media has come a long way compared to Pakistani media.

Next night at Another function, He was stunned. Some of our team members were saying that this arrangement is to cool down the ‘hot’ of the previous day!

However, it became known that almost every journalist who comes from Bangladesh is brought here. The fascination of the Arabian Sea is thrilling here.

Of course, the famous Clifton Beach in Karachi was visited that afternoon. There was a lot of merging with sea water. Horses, camels were arranged. But this place is completely different.

Do Darya, the name of that spot. After getting out from the car there was no way to imagine what fascination was waiting for later. Manzoor Naqvi, executive editor of The Financial Daily, welcomed us. Last day I met him at the Farz office. He was not active that day. But today he is our host. I had met another young man in that office. Asked about his identity thought a journalist, but he replied he is a chartered accountant. And not interested in talking. However, on this day, Manzoor Naqvi introduced him as a ‘Crown prince’. The princess was also there. ‘Queen’ could not avoid the opportunity to meet Bangladeshi journalists.

But why is it called Do Darya? No existence of ‘two’ in the vicinity. not a single river in sight. There is Only the sea- The Arabian Sea. Both sides are full of sea.

Of course, it didn’t take long to unravel the complexity of naming. Usually ‘Darya’ means river. In Persian ‘Darya’ means sea. So ‘Do Darya’ means two seas. There the Arabian Sea on both sides. So it’s normal to name ‘Do Darya’.

Do Darya is now a well-known tourist destination in Karachi. When we got there after dusk, it was pretty crowded. More and more people gathered as the night progressed. The full moon in the sky. Moonlight was dancing and spreading into the light waves of the sea.

When we were all fascinated by waves in the breeze of sea, we saw the dream fairies flying with their wings in the sky. Not one or two, innumerable. They were running, but not likely to reach. seeing our inquisitive faces, one of the organizers said, These are Seagulls, host of Do Darya. They fly in the infinite sky and welcome guests. They take moon shines into their body and enter the dream kingdom with guests. We also had no objection to moving the kingdom of imagination. But it stands on the deck of the restaurant.

We chatted over dinner. Many contemporary issues were discussed. But the communication between Mass people of two countries became important. It’s probably the most needed in this situation.

Do Darya, has been growing in popularity since the mid-90 decade. With the rise of popularity, the number of restaurants also rise near sea.Many restaurants like Al Habib, Miraj, Desi Hat, Sajjad Restaurant, River Side etc are showing their highly presence. This street probably only food street in Pakistan. Not only for food, Many people come here also for hobby fishing.

Manzoor Naqvi reported a surprising fact, Here the sea never rough, the storm never strikes. As a result, wooden restaurants have survived. They are getting close to nature without any fear.

But it also has a dark side. Wherever has money and light, the filth of darkness will inevitably appear. This may be the best place for some people to do as much mischief as they can in light and dark or for some to show muscle strength.

But the fate of this place to be proud of Karachi is now hanging on light balance. The Defense Housing Authority has already issued an eviction notice. According to Pakistani media reports, three of the 17 restaurants have been demolished. The rest are going to have the same fate soon. According to reports, elite residential areas and commercial complexes will be built there. Many Karachi residents are expressing anger over this issue.

The splendor of this former capital of Pakistan has largely faded compared to cities that continue to prosper like Islamabad and Lahore. But Do Darya has given them a means to be proud. If that doesn’t happen, local people are not supposed to like it. Their frustration and anger is being seen on social media quite well. If the current structure is demolished, they will be deprived of a gift of nature. Of course some are still optimistic. They hope, somehow it will survive. The opportunity to dream of wings in the moonlight on the sea shore will remain unobstructed.- Translated


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