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He whispered me, “You worked so hard last night. Now need to eat more.” I could not answer it. Just ashamed.

Later he took me to the parking lot and said me, ” I will give you feeling what’s meaning of fast and furious! I bought this car years ago. You will be first foreigner passenger.”

He said, “I like this car as my child. Its name is Panda.”

Then he open car door. Drive his best car go outside. He drove me along a road at high speed. Later we went down to eat something. Finally I understood, basically he wanted to feel me faster. Thanks him for good intention.

On the road he showed me, here is marry place. His sister married from here.

I said, “I wanna marry from here next year at same time.”
He said, “I will help you to find a boyfriend.”
I began to feel uncomfortable with this type of response.
He also understood the matter. And asked me, “Are you okay?’
I didn’t reply him.

I asked him when we ready to dinner “Doesn’t your father like me? Why isn’t he having dinner together!”

He just replied, “That’s one kind of respect.”

I wanna to go park beside the road. He said, “That park is restricted only for army persons. We are not army. So can’t allow inside.”

Tieying Li at Wadi Rum, Vally of the moon in Jordan. Photo : Her Facebook timeline

I understood he lied. Originally he wanted to avoid the curious people. A foreigner partner can create curiosity in people.

After few days when we finished dinner and laying down together.
He told me that he understood I wanna to marry him next year. But he just need to time. Time for discussion with family.

I said, “We can take baby first. Then marry!”
He replied, If he do that, his father will kill him!
Muslims Can not It.

I’ve no religion. I’m free. But don’t understand the issue of Muslims.

He was with me until 3am that night. We talked more and more. But i didn’t want him to fight with his father only for me.

His home had his parents, brother, brother’s wife, nephew, uncle and auntie.
last night he said “this night is his whole life first time to four rooms for four couples.”

When I make up after breakfast, he pick me up to meet with a Bangladeshi super star. He said him ‘Bhai’ (Address in Bengali). Super star is older than him. This super star is truly a superman. He told me, “Don’t be shy. When I come to Turkey and Egypt many peoples look at me. I was normal.
I just smile.

This super star just returned to Dhaka after long travel. So they have many topics. There was also the issue of exchanging some coins. Because my host like to collect coins from different countries.

The last day in Dhaka, We drove together. Really just a ride.

He is not longer mine.
I still love him.
But there is no communication between us.
Even he block me at Facebook. We are not friend now.

I dreamed him, he with ex girlfriend again. But they always quarrel with my intrusion.
Actually I always dream about him and miss so much.

On the morning of January 31 2017, we were broken and live different countries with different beliefs.

His family didn’t want he come to China. I respect him.

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