Clavon Leonard

52 years old
Jamaican American
He is a Professor and designer

Dhaka Review

Wherever he went in Bangladesh
Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar

I think the dhaka is extremely slow. I feel the city needs a subway or train. Traffic and airport needs to be updated.

Adventure was traveling to old city and seeing a elephant traveling on the same road as I was traveling.

My most fantastic moment was eating and shopping for fabric in old city and speaking to graduate students about my travels at the university of Dhaka.

Sitting in traffic for two hours trying to get back to central Dhaka. Oh in Saturday mornings when the whole city shut down.

People and nature
I think the Bangladesh people are some of the friendliest people in the world. I absolutely love the food and how the people, food and culture are one. I wish that the people would not just learn to write English but speak English.

I also would like for the average Bangladesh business man to understand customer service and the international customer. I also wished they were more open to a world view of people and other cultures.

Would love to come
I love Bangladesh and would love to come and teach the spoken English language to local businessmen and women. I would love to teach the average Bangladesh citizen about labor and business etiquette’s. I would love to teach about maintaining a good customer base.

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