Tatara Rabuga’s worshipers

Songs of life, Dance of love


These are people, they introduce themselves as ‘Mandi’. They also speak in the language of ‘Mandi’. ‘Mandi’ means people. Mandi language comes from Tibet. The language is also spoken by the Garo Hills in the Indian state of Meghalaya and the foot of the hills in Bangladesh.

The Mandi people are popularly called `Garo’. They are as beautiful as the wide hills and nature. The Garos of Bangladesh have a dialect called ‘Achik’. It means hills. The language of the hills come from their hearts. The currents of their lives flow with the hills springs.

The Garo people had a religion of their own. The name of this religion is ‘songsarek’. But now very few people follow it. A large part of the Garo community follow Christianity. Two percent have become Muslims or Hindus. Songsarek religion has survived only on a few people.

Garos live in the vast expanse of nature. They worship nature and their religion is keeping pace with it. A large part of those who have converted still hold on to the past. They celebrate Christmas and worship nature.

They believed that there was a time when the world was nothing. There was water and water all over the world. And the whole world was covered in darkness.

`Tatara Rabuga’ rescued the world from the deep darkness. He created the world in ‘songsarek’ faith. Nastu-Napanta has worked in the field on his behalf. He took the form of a woman for work. He took with him a deity named Machi. At the command of Tatara Rabuga, these two deities filled the earth with flowers, fruits and grains. Tatara Rabuga gave the hills and forests to the Garos. He gave this sky and water.

Nature is as beautiful in the green world. Such beautiful Tatara Rabuga’s worshipers. They fall in love with nature. And their love with a rich culture.

They have songs of life, Dance of love. These dances were performed in ‘songsarek’ festivals. Still is.

When nature is called spring, the waves of flowers take to the heart of the Garos. Flowers on trees And the scent of flowers brings bumblebees. Dances are then arranged throughout the Garo village.


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