Thousands of Germans are leaving the country to spend the winter in warmer countries

Gas crisis, the cost of cooking and heating this winter is not in the pocket of the Germans

Thousands of Germans want to go abroad to spend the winter time in warmer countries. Photo: Anadolu Agency

There is a severe gas crisis in Germany. Fuel prices are increasing rapidly. On the other hand, the winter wind has started blowing. The citizens of the country are worried about this situation with the heater for heating the house.

Thousands of Germans want to go abroad to spend the winter time in warmer countries. They have started taking long leave from work. Booking warmer countries tour packages.

Anadolu Agency has published a detailed report on the matter by Salman Ahmed.

It is informed that the country is forced to go on winter vacation to avoid high cost of fuel. And this opportunity has been seized by the country’s packaged holiday companies. They offer affordable long stay packages to Southern European and North African countries.

“We are noticing a trend towards long-term holidays,” said Aage Dunhaupt, communications director of TUI, the world’s leading tourism groups. Going on a long vacation during the winter season is no exception. But this time the trend has increased due to the increase in gas prices. If you live in a sunny country, you won’t need so much energy to stay warm. The rising prices in Germany will not affect you.

Destinations like Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia are making attractive offers to attract German tourists.

Anna and Pablo are a couple from Neukolln district of Berlin. They have already hunched over their laptop looking for cheap long-term holiday accommodation in Turkey.

The couple’s choice to spend warm winters is the Antalya region of Turkey.

“The cost of living is exploding,” Anna said. “We are now at a point where we can’t even imagine saving money to stay warm during the winter. But the winter is gradually getting thicker”

She said, “We both work remotely. Not at all, thinking of going out at least during the winter. I want to go somewhere where I can keep myself warm at a lower cost.”

She said that electricity and gas bills are fast becoming beyond the reach of common customers.

Anna and Pablo are trying to sublet their apartment in Berlin to cover the costs of living in Turkey.

Anna said, ‘Generally speaking, the cost of living in Turkey is very low. We found some alternatives. We have good friends there. People there are friendly. We can stay at a resort. Let’s have some nice time with nice weather and warmth.’

Russia has cut off gas supplies to Europe amid the war in Ukraine. Several countries, including Germany, are facing severe energy crisis.

America accuses Russia’s action of ‘gas war’. However, Moscow has been claiming from the beginning that the gas supply is being interrupted due to the US sanctions.

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SOURCEAnadolu Agency
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