Event Date : 28 and 29 July 2023
Tour Duration : 2 Days/1 Nights
Location : Kishoregonj Haor (Nikli, Chatirchar, Mithamain, Chulli)
Tour Price : BDT 2500

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The Travelife team will travel to Haor (Wetland) on Friday, July 28, 2023. Whether there will be rain on that day or not, it is not possible to say in advance. But in the open there is always a crisp air. Sometimes the Haor is silent, like the glassy sea in ‘The Ancient Mariner’. Albatrosses can be seen in the sea. In Haor, you will find the flight of hawk birds of prey.

The Travelife team will spend two days on the open water. You too can be one of this team. leave early on July 28 (Friday) and come to Kishoreganj town. We will pick you up around noon.
What happens after that is not fixed. For the next twenty four hours, the Travelife team will be in Haor. Sleeping, swimming, eating everything is in the boat or boat.
No, the boat does not have luxury sleeping arrangements. There will be no gourmet meal. But you will be full, that’s for sure. Recipes can contain anything edible. Whatever is in the recipe, you may feel sleepy after eating a full stomach. The accompanying backpack can be carried under the head of the boat or slept inside. If you bring a tent with you, can enjoy the night’s sleep in your own way. You can stay awake if you want. You can see the diversity of Haor, open sky.
From time to time Travelife boats will be crowded at the wharf. Then the emergency work including toilet should be done. And wherever the night falls, you have to have the mentality of tilting there.

Where will we go
Travelife team will depart from Kishoreganj city and proceed to Morichkhali Ghat. From there it will float to Howare by boat. Then wherever the wind blows, the boat will also go. However, there will be a tendency to go to Nikli Haor, Chatirchar village and Mithamain. Former President Abdul Hamid’s house will be visited.
Also Travelife team can go to ‘Chulli‘ village. Travelife plans to build its own homestays there. You can see the hidden village in advance. Then decide whether to go or not.

If you want to go
Keep in mind, you have to come to Kishoreganj at your own risk. You will be picked up from Kishoreganj railway station. Those who will come by bus, they should be at Ekrampur railway gate of Kishoreganj before 11:30 pm.

Those who will come by train
`Egarsindhur Prabhati’ leaves from Kamalapur railway station at 07:15 am to Kishoreganj. The train reached Kishoreganj around 11:30. Sobhan ticket price is BDT 125. Sobhan chair rent is BDT 150. First class seat- BDT 230. First class chair BDT 230.
It is better to book tickets in advance.If there is no opportunity to buy tickets in advance, you can go to the platform and buy standing tickets before the journey. After boarding the train, you can request the officials to get a seat.
`Egarsindhur Godhuli’ will depart from Kishoreganj railway station at 12:50 pm on Saturday, July 29 for Dhaka. If you want to go by train, Travelife will try to get you to the station ahead of time. But it is better to prepare to return by bus. Then there will be an opportunity to spend a little more time in Haor surface.
The last bus leaves for Dhaka from Gaital bus stand in Kishoreganj before evening. If for some reason you want to miss the last bus too, don’t worry. You can go to Bhairab by Tuktuk from Kishoreganj. Dhaka-bound buses are available from there all night.

Those who will come by bus
‘Jatayat Private Limited’ and ‘Ananya Paribahan’ buses from the Capital city to Kishoreganj depart from Golapbagh, Gulistan and Mohakhali. If you want to reach Kishoreganj by 11:30 am, it is better to leave by bus before 7 am. In Golap Bagh and Gulistan, some fake buses named ‘Jatayat’ mislead the passengers. In this case the counter of ‘Jatayat Private Limited’ must be confirmed and the ticket deducted. Ticket price is BDT 350.
You have to get down at Gaital bus stand in Kishoreganj town. From there you have to take auto rickshaw to Ekrampur railway gate. The rent will be BDT10.

Those who will come by private vehicle
If you want to come by private vehicle, you must inform Travelife in advance. Travelife will arrange your car parking. Besides, those who want to come by renting a car, also need to contact. Travelife will assist in renting a car if necessary.

How to book
BDT 2500 to book the trip. At least BDT 1000 should be paid in advance. The rest is to be paid in cash before the start of the trip.

How to pay
Payment can be made to Bkash merchant account at 01919110389. You will not be charged separately for this.
You can pay in Travelife bank account. Call +8801919110389 to get bank details.

Before paying
Read the full description of the event from start to finish. Then book.

Take notes
* * This is an adaptation tour. You should have the mindset to adapt to the environment, society, culture and any situation on Haor.
* Environmental pollution and noise pollution cannot be done while traveling.
* There will be no luxury hotels for sleeping. There will not even be any separate system. You have to sleep inside the boat. You can use your backpack as a pillow. Or if you bring a tent with you, you can sleep in the tent.
* Meals are simple, but fulfill. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, local fruits and dry food may be provided several times.
* Extra set of clothes should be taken for bathing and other needs.
* If you don’t know how to swim, you must bring a life jacket.
* Coming and going from Dhaka to Kishoreganj should be done at your own risk. Travelife advice and assistance can be sought if required.
* Event may be canceled due to unavoidable reasons. In this case the booking

Contact WhatsApp +8801919110389

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