Here are three friends, Ali Aslam, Omar Siddique Rabin and Shah Shanto Now They are on a short travel to explore Haor.
What is Haor?
Hoar is wetland, part of northern east in Bangladesh
It has seen Kishoregonj Railway station Kishoregon is a Mofoswhol town, Known as one of the Haor district.
Three friends are going to Hajipur Haor, near of Kaliyarkanda village. Hajipur is not popular travel destination, but closer of town about 20 minutes far.
Oh, What a Unexpected moment! Aslam’s Car has cracked!
What happen?
The car has losses its silencer by facing that remote bridge.
Then? Then you have Seen there industry to recover that unwanted situation
Lets go. And explore the wonderful peace of nature.

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