Woman Missing For Years

Attention Please


The name of this mime artist is Rifat Islam. He is now in the village of Lengura. The village is in Kalmakanda Upazila under the Netrokona district of Bangladesh. This location is Absolutely on the border of Bangladesh and India. He came with the Travelife team. The one you see behind him is a woman. she has no name.

What a woman without a name!

This woman can’t talk. Can’t even say her name. She came to Lengura three years ago. No one can tell how she came from or where she came from. She has been here since coming.

Some of the people being shown on the screen are locals. Someone came with the travelife team. If the jute of Lengura is gone, the travelife will go to another area. And the locals will stay in their own homes. And this woman?

She has no home. But maybe she ever had a home. Or never had. Maybe she can talk. Or she was born without speech.
Which is the real truth?

Is this woman a traveler?

Yes, She is a traveler. All the people are just travelers. Those who are with Travelife, or who are not, we are all traveling in the boat of life. Our boat will sink one day, Also this woman. One day she will have to go to the end. What will be the end of it can be said in advance?

No, Can’t say. And no one can even say what the beginning of this woman’s life was like. This is another mystery of life.

Maybe she had a nice, decorated house. She had children at home. There was also a beloved husband.

Are the children looking for their mother?
Or looking for a lost wife?
Will they be able to recognize this relative by looking at the screen of Travelife?


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