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‘Nathap Hisramma’ is a word in Achik language. Achik language is spoken by the people of Garo society. Achik word ‘nathap’ means fish. And ‘Hisramma’ means ‘banana leaf’. Then ‘Nathap Hisramma’ is the cooking of fish on banana leaves.

Mary Rangdi is telling to Travelife about the ingredients and techniques of this cooking. Her home is in Lengura union of Kalmakanda Upazila under the Netrokona district of Bangladesh. Mary Rangdi was a public representative at one time. Still working for people and for the benefit of small ethnic groups including Garo and Hajang.
She is showing to Travelife the recipe of ‘Nathap Hisramma’.

garo food nathop hisromma
Mary Rangdi is showing to Travelife the recipe of ‘Nathap Hisramma. Photo : Anand Sarker, Travelife

This food is made with fish and spices but not use any oil. This fancy dish is made using chopped onions and peppers. Other spices are also used, such as coriander leaves, ginger paste, basil leaves. And there is salt.

All the spices are mixed with fish ingredients and poured into the banana leaves. The banana leaf is to be tied. Then the fish-filled banana leaf should be thrown on the stove.
It should be noted that the fire in the stove should be extinguished at that time. However, the coal must be hot. The coil of banana leaves has to be kept on the stove.

The banana leaves will continue to dry in the steam of coal. And the food inside will be boiled.

It has to be removed from the stove in time.
This time the food is ready.


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