SERENJING the story that came up from the hill

A story of garo hills


This story came from the deep forest. That forest was created by Tatara Rabuga. That forest is no longer deep. The greenery of Rabuga’s garden has diminished. The hill is called `Garo Hills’. It has come down to Bangladesh by slope from Meghalaya in India. Here leave the `Garo’ tribe. The Garo people believe that Tatara Rabuga gave them laughter, joy, and merriment. He also gave also Culture, even Spoken language. They speak the ‘Achik’ language.

People laugh and cry. Just as there is laughter in urban life, there is also laughter in the hills and forest. Inside the building there are tears, it also in hills.

The name of the smiles and cries of the hills is ‘Serenjing’. This is the folklore of the Garo people. `Pala songs’ in Achik language. It can be called a love story. Pictures of the life of the Garo people. Thrilling light and darkness.

sereging at garo hills, lengura, kalmakanda
The name of the heroine is Serenjing. Model: Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi. Photo: Anand Sarker, Travelife

‘Serenjing’ is the name of a Garo girl. She is the heroine of this story. The Garos believe that this story was made by Tatara Rabuga himself. He has gathered the life of the hill people and put it in ‘Serenjing’. Rabuga has also scripted Serenzing. He also its director.

The name of the heroine is Serenjing and the story title is also in her name. The name of her younger sister is Sereni. The story of the two sisters is presented at the Wangala festival of the Garos. Life is hidden in this story. Although the story of serenjing is presented in different ways in each area, its main story is the same. Basically, it is a story of love and separation.

Serenjing and Sereni’s parents lived in Tibet. A group of them from Tibet came to Garo hills. Serenjing’s father’s name is Salnarang. And mother is Chinarang. As soon as they reach the Garo hills, Serenjing comes across their laps. But one day her father was working on the field, while fell ill. He died after returning home. Unable to bear the grief, mother Chinarang died a few days later.

The next story of Serenging is at the house of her `Noreng aunt’. Two sisters grew up here. Serenjing working hard at Noreng aunt’s house. Goes to cultivate in the field. Return home in the evening. And she growing up.

Travelife has created some docu-fiction about Serenjing. The stories are directed by Mashiur Rahman Kayes. Produced by Ahasan Shajib. Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi has played the role of Serenjing. Cinematography by Anand Sarker.

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