The romance of Garo girl Serenjing

Garo folklore love story


Serenjing and Sereni are two sisters. Now they have grown up. They are at Noreng aunt’s house. When they were little, where did they live?

Who is Serenging?

If you don’t know the identity, take a look at the previous story (SERENJING the story that came up from the hill) of Travelife. And for those who know, stay with this story.

Serejing-waljan at garo hills in Lengura, Netrokona
Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi has played the role of Serenjing. Photo : Anand Sarker, Travelife

Yes, Serenjing is at Noreng aunt’s house. Noreng aunt kindly sheltered her. That is not to say that she will eat without doing anything. Aunty follows the rules very much when it comes to working. She is strict for Serenjing. She is being harsh on Walzan too.

Who is Walzan?

Serenjing didn’t even know the truth at first. Earlier she knew Waljan was the son of Noreng aunt. As such walzn is her brother. In Garo society, the relationship of the mind of a daughter of the mother’s lineage with that of a son of the mother’s lineage is not recognized. That’s why Serenging never said it openly, but she loves Walzan.

Aunt Noreng is getting tougher day by day. Serenging and Walzan are also getting closer. Aunt Noreng is sending them together for zoom farming.

waljan, serejing, the story of garo hills, lengura, kalmakanda, Netrokona
Duranta Mand has played the role of Waljan. Photo : Anand Sarker, Travelife

Walzan pulls Serenging like a magnet. Walzan trembled at the touch of Serenging. Waljan doesn’t know what’s going on. And in a Serenjing way, if this man was not her brother!

Walzan told Serenging that he was not her brother. Just as Serenjing has sheltered by Aunt Noreng, so was Walzan. The next story is about love.

Travelife has created some docu-fiction about Serenjing. The stories are directed by Mashiur Rahman Kayes. Produced by Ahasan Shajib. Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi has played the role of Serenjing. Duranta Manda roled of Waljan. Cinematography by Anand Sarker.

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