Marriage of Garo girl Serenjing

News of Waljan and Serenjing's love


The wedding music is playing at Noreng aunt’s house.
Whose wedding!

Is Serenjing the bride of this wedding?

Yes, today is Serenjing’s wedding at the house of Norang aunt. But with whom?

The groom must be Waljan? Those who are familiar with Serengeti in Travelife’s story, surely are looking for Walzan!

Or those who are not familiar, Please read SERENJING the story that came up from the hill and The romance of Garo girl Serenjing

There is serenjing inside the house. Coming out now. After a while, she will have to sit on the wedding pedestal.

There is no Walzan here. There is Thora.

Serejing-waljan, garo hills, lengura
There is no Walzan here. Casting as Serenjing : Fangsri Rangdi. Photo : Anand Sarker, Travelife

That’s a long story. News of Waljan and Serenjing’s love spread in the hills. Everyone knew Walzan was not Serenjing’s brother. And Serenzing is not Waljan’s sister. Yet they were like brothers and sisters. And Noreng Aunt is like their mother. In Garo society, a mother’s relative cannot be married. Such love of brothers and sisters is incompatible with mother. The same goes for the Garo society, Even this huge hill.

Hills, nature, and society spoke in unison. Waljan must be chased. Waljan escaped and survived. The wedding started at the house of Noreng Aunt.

Serenzing will be handed over to Thora

Walzan! Maybe wandering around the mountains like crazy.

And Serenjing? It shows what condition she is in.

The priest said that Serenjing and Thora’s marriage would not last. They have a broken forehead.

It may seem like the story ends with a breakup.

But this separation was not the end. The priest’s prophecy came true. Serenging and Thora’s marriage did not last. Serenjing meets Waljan again. They fled. After being caught in the eyes of neighbors Society handed Serenging over to Thora. But Serenjing’s mind did not last for Thora. And without Serenjing Waljan doesn’t spend time in the forest.
However, at the end of the story, society has forced to join hands with Serenjing and Waljan.

The story gets a happy ending.

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