Imagination in the valley of dreams

Daughter of Nature


Imagine a great morning. So much imagination can bring you peace. Suppose the darkness of the night is then moving away. The soft light came out. Garo hills of Meghalaya under the light. Then the green of the hills. A dream valley in the green hills. The dewy grass is chirping. The fog and dew. You are in that valley, trembling. The whole body covered with a sheet. Sitting, awkward, barefoot. The feet are wet. Your face is slowly coming out from inside the sheet. You are still shaking your teeth.

Suddenly your eyes explode.
The cool nature seems to be warming up.
There is a flash of a new light in the eyes.

morning light at lengura in garo hills, netrakona
The dewy grass is chirping. The fog and dew. You are in that valley, trembling. The whole body covered with a sheet. Model : Md. Al amin. Photo: Anand Sarker, Travelife

A strange light flashed in my eyes, O my friend!
Radiant, perhaps dweller of the sun you are!
For ages, my mind waited for you, day and night-
– Rabindra song translated by Anjan Ganguly

Before the song, a mountain girl was seen in the valley. Bubbly, liquid. This girl brought excitement and laughter to nature. So this daughter of nature can be called a ‘smile’.

The daughter of nature smiles. Wandering in nature and singing Rabindra song-

Who’ll break me free and take me out,
O, My friend!-
– Translated by Anjan Ganguly

The smile is as lively as a deer’s. The hair of the head floats in the air. Runs along the forest path. Fled behind the green. Comes out again. And songs in the air-

Wandering doe of the enchanted forest
Who roams within deepest (of my) dreams –
Why do I want to capture her?
Is there a reason?-
-Rabindra song, English translated.

The smile goes to a high grass forest. She took a handful of grass flowers in her hand. She frowned, bowed her head, and began to tear the weeds. When laughter walks, nature drops pearls.

A beautiful garo girls at garo hills in lengura
When she walks, nature drops pearls. Model : Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi . Photo: Anand Sarker, Travelife

Doesn’t our laughter call to mind clouds?

Laughter goes to the water. Wet feet in the water. Stir in the water. Smells like flowers. And laughs.

The afternoon rolled by In the name of the evening. Laughter will return home this time. The house of laughter can be seen a little far away. Keep walking there. The wind then sings another song of Rabindranath-

The day seems to end while I try to tune myself with your Harmony
The single-stringed EKTARA is unable to bear the pain of the melody.-
– Translated by Anjan Ganguly

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