I started in Dhaka, went to Sundarbans, Sylhet, Jaflong, Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin Island and Bandarban. Arriving in Dhaka was a very special experience. rushing trough the chaotic traffic on a rickshaw, going from the big streets with impressive office building to small alleys.

Dhaka is overwhelming, but in a good way. It is a real urban jungle that made I big impression on me. They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but Dhaka has definitely the same sleepless character.

My trips to Sundarbans and Bandarban left a big impression on me. I loved traveling by boat on the river watching over the beautiful and quiet jungle on riverside. It had something so peaceful in the middle of the wilderness.

Bandarban has also beautiful nature filled with little villages where the people greeted us with a big smile.

It was sometimes difficult to travel around and go from place to place. The buses were very crowded and we had to be lucky to find tickets.

The Bangladeshi people were incredibly kind to me and my friend. So curious and interested in the purpose of our visit. People stared and wove at us, took pictures and tried to start conversations.

I also loved the fact they didn’t trick us in paying more than necessary (which happens a lot in other countries). They wanted us to have the best time and so we did.

If I had to choose my favorite moment in Bangladesh, it is the time me and my friend were invited for dinner at someone’s home. We ended up talking the whole night although there was a language barrier. The warmth of the people is the strength of Bangladesh.

Binte Claes : 27 Years old, Belgium. She is a Teacher


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