I decided to head to the Myanmar border to see refugees

Josh Mojica


I traveled at Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, Myanmar Border to visit Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

Dhaka was intense! But in a good way. My first experience was getting to my Airbnb to meet my now friend, Jafar. After, lots of attempts to break the language barrier between myself and my van driver, along with line-up of security guards on the roadside, we found each other! He set me up really great with a room and a great bed for the night.

The next day he introduced me to his family, helped me sort my airfare, and took me on a tour of his factory. His neighborhood was so busy! So much happening! People moving everywhere and bursts of color in the most random places. It was fun to film videos walking around on my phone.

Then 8 days later, I met up with Jafar again and he had me over just as friends! I had a 6 hour layover so I hung out with him. We went to the mall and got tickets to see Thor rangnarok! Haha it was great! Probably the craziest that day was the mall and buses. We went from big bus to little van sitting on top of people for over an hour! Traffic is insane! It was a fun experience. Thankfully I was with jafar!

My first day in Cox’s Bazar I decided to head to the Myanmar border to see refugees and see the situation there for myself. To get there is basically one main road for miles. CNG’s only took me so far so I had to hitchhike a little bit. My most adventurous moment was when I guy with a kid in a small white truck told me to hop on the back. It was full so I rode on the back hanging off the side for miles seeing the countryside and laughing with locals in the back with me. It was way fun!

A fantastic moment at Dhaka, Watching the sunset at the top of a building over the city. And Boring moment at Dhaka was Sitting on the bus so long!

Honestly, Bangladeshi people were so nice! Everyone was so helpful and excited to meet me. Many found out I was American and had the best responses. I made some great friends. They were friendly, kind and really fun! I loved how much they laugh and joke with each other. My friend Irfan helped me navigate Refugee camps, I met a photographer who gave me tips on how to get to interesting photo spots, great service, funny cng drivers, etc! Everyone was so cool.

The food was amazing too! Ohh the food! I spent most of my time in Cox’s Bazar and I thought it was great. The beaches were nice, water was great, people were so friendly. My favorite was the CNG rides at sunset along the coast everyday. Oh! And my favorite fried rice in the world! It was so great.

I look forward.

Josh Mojica : Working as a flight attendant in USA


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