Serenjing is a story of love and separation. The tribal ethnic group Garos believe that this story is arranged by Tatara Rabuga, the god of Songsarek religion.

Serenjing is the heroine of this story. Walzan is the hero.

Travelife is creating docufiction about these two characters in Garo folklore. The shooting has recently ended in Lengura under Netrokona district in Bangladesh. The stories will be published continuously in 20 episodes on YouTube.

Shah Muhammod Moshahid has arranged its story based on folklore. Mashiur Rahman Kayes is directior. Ahsan Sajib is producing for Travellife. Cinematography by Anand Sarker.

Director Mashiur Rahman Kayes said, ‘This is our first season. Travelife will do more with travel and life. We took the story of first season from the hill village Lengura. Here the life and folklore of the Garos have come up. At the same time, We have brought up some travel stories in a slightly different way. ‘

Post production will be completed soon, he said, adding that the story will be published on two YouTube channels in English and Bengali. And to see the story, the viewer has to be connected with Travelife.

Fangshri (Fatema) Rangdi has played the role of Serenjing. Durant Manda in the character of Waljan. Besides, Shah Shanto is the important character in other travel stories. Rifat Islam has played the mime. Menon has acted in the story of ecotourism.

Fangshri Rangdi, who plays Serenjing, said, “The whole team had to work day and night to bring down this season of docufiction. We worked for a few days in a row. We have tried to keep the trend of our culture intact. The matter was not easy, you can say it is just an attempt. The audience will tell you how it happened. ‘

Dr. Suraiya Yasmin Hira gave voice over in Bengali language. Lovely Rangdi has worked behind the scenes.

Other characters are played by Bipul Mehedi, Ahmed Amin. Dances were performed by Shakhi Manda, Frenchchi Jambil, Chanchia Rangdi and Fangshri Rangdi.

Besides, Pius Rangdi, Pratibha Rangdi, Chhotan Simsang, Chrispin Daring, Pranati Manda, Hira Chiran, Mary Rangdi, Gasamchi Nokrek and others have acted.

Lily Chiran, Dalia Chiran and Sinchan Rangdi are in the music team.


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